Monday, October 15, 2007

Shiny Issue 1, the Clean Version

The clean version of "The Sun People" is now available. Check the Paypal button on the side menu to purchase this version of Issue 1 of the magazine.

Check out another review of Issue 1 at the newly relaunched The Fix here. Shaun C Green says:

"Shiny has begun well with its choice of fiction. Perhaps the most difficult challenge facing it will be raising its profile amongst teenagers who might not know where to find an e-zine like this. But I wish the editors and their readers all the best and look forward to seeing Shiny grow and develop over its coming issues."

Friday, October 12, 2007

Shiny Issue 1 - second version

Twelfth Planet Press are happy to announce the release of a cleaned up version of "The Sun People" for those who felt the use of some offensive language in Shiny Issue 1 prevented them from purchasing the issue. You can register your interest at shinystories @ gmail dot com or wait for the new paypal button soon to hit this site!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Another Shiny Review

ASif! has published their first review for Shiny here.

Rachel Holkner says:
In all, it’s a strong start from Shiny. I have been rough on a couple of the stories, but only because I really want this to be, as TPP have declared on their website, “up there with the best current YA fiction”. In essence, I want more. I also would like to see some illustrations, but that’s being greedy.

Check out her whole review here or join the discussion buy grabbing your own copy (see paypal buttons to the side).

Paypal got you down?

Want to subscribe to Shiny but don't have paypal?

Email the editors at shinystories @ gmail dot com to arrange for a direct debit.

Find an editor in person to give cash - editors can be found in real life in Perth, Brisbane and Hobart.

Alisa will be attending World Fantasy Con later this month and can thus be found in real life in NY to make cash payments.

Shiny Reviews

One of the most agonising aspects of editing is the bit between launching your publication and hearing what people think of it. Limbo land.

But here is the first review I've come across of Shiny Issue 1:

I still can’t decide if it’s a good idea to market an e-zine to young adults. On the one hand, today’s teenagers may well feel more comfortable reading electronic publications than adults do, because they will have grown up with computers and therefore be used to the medium. On the other hand, how likely are teens to have the means to make electronic payments through Paypal?

These are indeed the questions we are still wrestling with. Read the rest of the review and/or grab a copy of the ezine and make up your own mind.