Sunday, April 13, 2008

Out of Mind, Out of Sight

There's two things about this episode of Buffy that make it memorable for me. The first is the idea that someone could become invisible because to everyone else, they are already so. I quite like the idea of that. But also, I just really really relate to feeling so invisible that you may as we already be. And who can't relate to that? We've all been there at some point in time. It's just a really good high school moment, I think, taken to it's sort of (?) logical conclusion. And I often think back to Marcy when I'm in a social situation where I feel invisible, or wish I was.

Course I wouldn't beat someone up with a bat if I were invisible. *That's* a bit crazy.

The second thing about this episode that I always think back to is that scene after Cordelia has engaged Buffy's help and she talks about how she can feel so alone even when she's surrounded by people. And that she sees people being so busy rushing to agree with her that they never really listen to hear what she has to say. Such a contrast to Marcy yet the endpoint of feeling alone is the same. I too can relate to feeling alone even when in the thick of things and I like that Cordelia can take a step back and see things from a distance. For me, this glimpse at her is a foreshadowing of her character to come.

I also love the bit where Cordelia comes to Buffy - in the hopes that she's in a gang. I love that even though Cordelia is so self obsessed and has been blowing Buffy off (as we see in the beginning of this episode), there's lots of things about Buffy that she's noticed and noted. And whilst this too foreshadows Cordelia's eventual joining of the group, I like that just *someone* else is paying attention at Sunnydale High. I was starting to worry!