Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Keep on subbing

Once again one of the market listing pages has listed us as being closed to subs... not quite sure where they got the info from, but when in doubt check back here. We're very much still looking for stories, so keep sending us the good stuff!

In other news, we are ploughing through the edits for Issue 2, so expect to see it prancing happily through the fields, chewing daisies and collecting bees in a jar for Mayday with Aunt Gertrude and a dog called Patches very soon!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Shiny Issue 2

Hello all! I am meandering my way home from World Fantasy Con in Saratoga Springs via London. I had a really awesome time and it was cool to hear that our new little trial ezine had made its way all the way out there by word of mouth.

Keep your submissions coming! We still have to fill Issue 3 and hopefully issues beyond!

Issue 2 is very nearly on its way out to subscribers. We have three new stories and almost none of them are about death. This issue features a hilarious story about trying to fit in in high school by Tina Connolly, called "The Goats are Going Places". Bren MacDibble brings a cool SF story with time travel to the Shiny pages with her story "Blurred Horizons". Finally, Trent Jamieson contributes "Cracks" which is a story worlds away from the one he gave us in Issue 1.

So make sure Shiny Issue 2 is in you email inbox as soon as it's out and preorder your copy now.