Wednesday, May 20, 2009

BtVS: 3.03 Faith, Hope and Trick

Alisa says:
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say there's a new slayer in town.

I'm loving Oz so much in this rewatching. I think that's a sign of a good ensemble cast show that you can watch it over and over and enjoy the storylines from different character perspectives each time. I love how Oz is so unflappable, often steps in as referee and whilst so cool and calm, finds empathy for most people in most situations.

Whilst this is another Monster of the Week episode, and random boy of the week (is Hope in here purely for the use of his name in the episode title?) there is much meta arc development afoot. Firstly the most divine Faith joins the cast - yay! Secondly we see Joyce start to accept Buffy for who she is and the enormity of the role she plays:

When did you die? You never told me that you died.

I've tried to march in the Slayer Pride Parade

And finally we get the unbelievable hot naked and sweaty Angel leap onto the screen at the very end! Angel! He is not dead!!! And wouldn't you know it, just like they tell me all the time, just when Buffy is starting to move on and past him, he shows back up. Typical!

Rachel says:
Yeah, a new slayer in town wearing the worst outfit ever committed to film. That's a seriously unfortunate first impression, but you know, it's meant to be. We're not supposed to like her. And even though we do, I think it's only because of all the weight the character has built up over the years. Here, not so much. She's shallow and self-centred, tough, but not lovable.

The character I really love in this episode is Mr Trick. And I'm so glad, out of all the bit parts (Scott especially), he's the one that we get to see more of. His big picture, high tech approach to everything is very inspiring.

As for Angel returning from the undead/dead? Thank goodness for it. I was sick of all the dream sequences to justify Boreanaz's spot in the opening credits.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

BtVS: 3.02 Dead Man's Party

Alisa says:
So I already mentioned how much I don't love the Monster of the Week episodes, right? This is the zombie episode and well ... meh. The only bit I think I really and truly love is when Buffy and her Mum are having the awkward fight at her Welcome Home party and Buffy starts yelling at people and singles out Jonathan, "Anyone else want to weigh in? How 'bout you, over by the dip!"
Love it! It's one of my all time favourite lines.

Underlying all the zombie mayhem, and flashing eyes, there's the fact that Buffy's friends didn't let her get away with bailing after the Angel confrontation. She seriously betrayed their trust and friendship and whilst uncomfortable, they force her to face up to and address it. Friendship underpins this series and is what I love about it.

Yay - the Scoobs are back! Bring on Season 3 proper!

Rachel says:
The awkwardness between best friends is really well played here - haven't we all been there? Where you want everything to be alright, but it just isn't?

I have to disagree and say I quite like the use of zombies. Although the metaphor's a little obvious - all the problems Buffy tried to bury are coming back after her - how can you go past that cat?
"I think you should call it Patches."

And Giles is just terrific, his slayer is safely returned, but he isn't off the hook.
"Do you like my mask? Isn't it pretty. It raises the dead!"

Actually the whole episode is filled with quotable lines (Nighthawk, dip, tingly feelings). For a Monster of the Week episode, this one's more than adequate. Killing off Pat - we all have one of those we'd like to shovel through the eyes - yet the arc is still moving forward with the Scoobies reconciled by the end, but not without a fight.
"Talking about it isn't helping, we might as well try some violence."

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

BtVS: 3.01 Anne

Alisa says:
I think it's becoming plain that I like the Monster of the Week episodes less than the ones that move the meta story arc or offer character development.

I always think this is such a banal filler episode to introduce the third season after such a climatic finale for Season 2. You notice how Buffy is always out of town for summer vacation? Why doesn't she just want to hang out with her friends?

Thanks Cordelia for the phrase: "and I use sarcastic quote marks" I'm so stealing that one!

And of course, the most memorable line from this episode: Can I be Anne?
Don't we all have days when we want to start over and just ... be Anne?

Rachel says:
It's Chantarelle/Lily/Anne! My favourite of all the recurring characters.
Really dislike Buffy in this episode. I really hate that she's given up - it's so demoralising and powerless.

Another Hell dimension? So soon?

I agree, Alisa, this is a very banal episode, not a great start to the season!

Although I don't mind her going away over the summer. After all, we've been away from her too, and her catching up with Willow and Xander gives us a chance to find out what they've all been up to. And I wouldn't want to begrudge her any time with her Dad.