Wednesday, May 6, 2009

BtVS: 3.01 Anne

Alisa says:
I think it's becoming plain that I like the Monster of the Week episodes less than the ones that move the meta story arc or offer character development.

I always think this is such a banal filler episode to introduce the third season after such a climatic finale for Season 2. You notice how Buffy is always out of town for summer vacation? Why doesn't she just want to hang out with her friends?

Thanks Cordelia for the phrase: "and I use sarcastic quote marks" I'm so stealing that one!

And of course, the most memorable line from this episode: Can I be Anne?
Don't we all have days when we want to start over and just ... be Anne?

Rachel says:
It's Chantarelle/Lily/Anne! My favourite of all the recurring characters.
Really dislike Buffy in this episode. I really hate that she's given up - it's so demoralising and powerless.

Another Hell dimension? So soon?

I agree, Alisa, this is a very banal episode, not a great start to the season!

Although I don't mind her going away over the summer. After all, we've been away from her too, and her catching up with Willow and Xander gives us a chance to find out what they've all been up to. And I wouldn't want to begrudge her any time with her Dad.

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