Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Shiny Teaser

The Future is Already Seen
by Katherine Sparrow

Jamais Vu

Mr. Connell put me in a group with three total dweebs for the science competition. I was like no way, I don't want to be part of affirmative action for super-nerds. So unfair!

Then I thought about how I would get a really good grade in Physics, which would be good for college apps.

He put me in a group with Joshua, which felt awkward because we used to be best friends when we were little, which is hard to believe because we are so different now. He used to live next door to me, but his Dad got laid off when we were in 7th and they had to move. We probably wouldn't have stayed friends anyway - that was right around the time Maricela was teaching me how to wear makeup and clothes.

Joshua mumbled, "Hi Kamala," but he wouldn't even look at me when I pushed my desk over and we made a four desk square. I sat next to him and faced his two friends - Spence and Penny - who ignored me like I was the invisible woman. Thanks, hugs and teddy bears to you too. They each had a laptop open in front of them.

Spence chewed on his pen like it was a cigar, wiggled in his seat like a squirrel, and looked at Penny. Penny frowned at her computer screen and squinted at it behind big Velma glasses. Joshua laced his hands behind his head and stared up at the ceiling.

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