Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Harvest

Alisa says:

So I'm gonna take a free pass early on in this for this episode :-) My previous comments kinda applied to this ep as well which I consider to be part 2 to "Welcome to the Hellmouth". You'll note by my referral to Giles' final quip which actually happens at the end of this ep that that's true.

So ... Ben and I are aiming to update on Buffy on Thursdays and Sundays. So ... next up - our thoughts on "Witch" on Thursday!


Rachel Holkner said...

Not much to say about The Harvest is there? Although it does contain my favourite of Buffy's off-screen, low-budget stakings - with the pool cue.

Alisa said...

Mmm.. Driving in this morning I was thinking ... even though this feels like Part 2 to the pilot, you are thrown in pretty far and fast into the deep end. We see the set up of the Master, the beginning of the romance between Buffy and Angel and of course the famous staking of Darla which doesn't actually kill her.

Almost all the series is rooted in these forst few episodes and it's quite a hurried pace. There's no resting on the laurels and working up to an apocalypse here!!

So yeah - low budget stakings and also my favourite - look there's the sun .. oops in another 7 hours! following by decapitation with a cymbal! Oh yes!!!!

Rachel Holkner said...

Staking of Darla? Wasn't it holy water?
But yes, no mucking about with too many pesky explanations - although after watching it this many times I'm really sick of that library - straight on to the decapitations I say!
I'm definitely watching Witch this week... if I can stop watching So You Think You Can Dance for that long. *sigh*

Alisa said...

I really think she got staked. Not so many slayings were done with holy water, that I can recall. Just that great one on Buffy's 18th birthday!

See I quite look back at the library with nostalgia. Cause I missed it when they moved off site. And it's so ... quaint really, the Scoobies in their beginnings.

But yeah! watch The Witch - I'm sure there's a times lot that SYTYCD is not on .. plus it's still totally in the same theme!

Rachel Holkner said...

Sorry but it was holy water. I think they had originally intended for Darla to bite the dust (ha!) but by the time they were shooting they knew they wanted to bring her back.
Do you think they'll do competitive cheerleading in SYTYCD? Because that would make me far too happy!

Alisa said...

Huh, well I'll be. I think I'm misremembering it and confusing it with the episode where they go to the place where they all are playing pool and there are the guns with the silver bullets? Might be later in this season and they do stake Darla?

That link did remind me of that great staking by Xander where he's holding the stake to his chest and someone pushes Jesse into it whilst they run by. It's so typical of Joss - it's potentially (if we cared more about Jesse) a really difficult moment and yet still done with comedy.

Am now trying to imagine everyone in SYTYCD in yellow cheerleader outfits. It's not going well.