Thursday, May 29, 2008

BtVS 2.02 Some Assembly Required

Rachel says:

After the dismal previous episode this one is a gem. In the vein of Season One's "Witch", we see that in Sunnydale it is not always the demons that are the problem. A very satisfying episode that looks at the pain of loss, matched with a wacky subplot of the early relationship between Giles and Jenny Calendar.

It also manages to be truly icky - both the girl made of parts and the resurrected footballer.
The plot clips along at a neat pace, the jokes are funnier, and information is revealed at the right points. Although it is becoming painful the way that Angel is hanging around for no good reason. It seems where Cordelia can be written into the action almost smoothly, Angel cannot, and vice-versa. He is the awkward hanger-on here.

Particularly sweet is Xander's selfless rescuing of Cordelia from the fire, laying the foundations for a future something...

Verdict: "Grave-robbing? That's new. Interesting!"

Alisa says:

I *know* you meant to say gross and disturbing

Heh. I have to disagree with you again and say I think I really despise this episode. It's too long for its main plot and I just can't engage with the motives of the bad guys in this one. I find it a totally forgettable plot but the episode has some really great scenes and one-liners - always the bit with Cordelia scrounging round in the bin and Angel stumbling upon her. And of course "Love makes you do the whacky". And Xander to Willow at the end " You ever feel like we're playing musical chairs and the music has stopped and we're the only ones left standing" - "All the time".

Other moments for me are the awkward Ms Calendar and Giles getting together, the nice repartee between Buffy and Xander, Willow and Buffy leaning back against a headstone talking about the "sexy dance" from the previous episode whilst Giles and Xander dig up the grave and the "What are we hoping for? Body or no body?" followed by the credit shot of everyone peering into the grave.

It occurs to me in rewatching this episode, that it's just as well Cordelia is shallow - how else would she cope with being the bait or the victim all the time? It kinda makes me love her - the way she burns her clothes and bounces back.

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