Thursday, November 13, 2008

BtVS: 2.11 Ted

Alisa says:
I hate this episode for so many reasons. I hate Ted. I hate the idea of Ted - where did he suddenly come from? Joyce has been secretly dating him and Buffy never noticed? It feels so contrived. As does the episode climax and unravelling. I hate it. I hate Ted and his stupid cookies and mini golf.

Bah! Onto the next ep!

Rachel says:
I hated this episode too when it first aired, but I have grown to really quite like it. I was surprised how much my impression of Ted has changed. I was so drawn in by the character that first time I saw it, I so believed he was a human bad-guy, that I was angry, really angry when his secret was revealed. I'd been duped as badly as if I'd been eating his cookies!

But it truly improves on multiple viewings and it's largely due to the late John Ritter's performance. He's so dreadful and horrible as a human character and yet, once you discover his robotic secret, it slots together so nicely. I love the way Xander follows him around begging for food treats for the whole episode, and the scene where he discovers the cupboard's contents is so creepy because you don't see anything but his reaction, which is played perfectly.

This is amongst the best of Buffy because it hits where it hurts most - her mother.

"What? Freud would've said the exact same thing. Except he might not have done that little dance."

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David C said...

I think I've only seen it the once, but I thought it was spectacular. And Buffy not noticing what her mum is up to doesn't seem that contrived, on reflection.