Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shiny Issue 4

The Fix have given Shiny 4 are really great review. Thanks for the heads up.

Of Bren MacDibble's "Being Bella Wang", Smith writes: In this short tale, MacDibble expertly evokes an exotic locale full of magic, as well as vivid, interesting characters with a strong bond.

Of Michael Merriam's "All the Leaves Your Bed”, she says: Merriam deftly skirts the well of sentiment that could so easily have drowned this story, and takes it to surprising places. There is an image near the end that is simply breathtaking.

And of Rhonda Parrish’s “Skitter Skitter,” - Parrish does a great job with teen exasperation as Chloe describes their progress, often talking in the purple clich├ęs of teen writing... The rest will please readers who like the illogic of go-for-the-grue horror.

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