Wednesday, June 3, 2009

BtVS: 3.04 Beauty and the Beasts

Rachel says:
There is not much to say about this very straightforward episode. Although it holds some interest as a mystery, there's nothing in it for repeat viewings. Pete and Debbie play out a Jekyll and Hyde story. We wonder if the killer is Oz, is it Angel? It's kind of a disappointment that it's Pete, the non-regular. In the end, Angel saves the day - and he is saved.
"Great. Now I'm going to be stuck with serious thoughts all day." - Cordelia

However there has been some kerfuffle about the internets this week regarding a Buffy movie. The Kuzuis - whose names you will recognise from the opening credit sequence of every episode of BtVS and Angel - are looking at taking advantage of the rights they hold having produced the original Buffy movie to relaunch the franchise.

I'm actually not in favour of a Buffy movie at all. I think it would not have an audience outside of Buffy fandom and would probably go the way of Serenity for the general public. ie a decent stand alone that has some bits that don't make sense. The Buffy franchise (if we want to look at it as a living thing) doesn't need a movie or "re-booting" at the moment, it lives in comic form and is very healthy in terms of tie-in products (calendars, action figures, novels...)

But you can't argue that Kuzui Enterprises wasn't smart holding onto the rights for that long. If Fran and Kaz think they can make a go of it, why not let them? Either it'll be something we can enjoy or something we can forget exists. Like Star Wars I-III. But they're not doing their creative careers any favours by not pursuing a new story.

Alisa says:
I also am not in favour of the movie. I don't want a reboot. The whole point of Buffy, as we have talked about at length is the scoobs and without them, I'm not sure I'm interested. And more to the point, the movie completely sucked and I only saw it twice at the cinema cause Dylan from 90210 was in it.