Friday, January 2, 2009

BtVS: 2.19 I Only Have Eyes For You

Alisa says:
I love the music in this episode. Actually, I love the music in pretty much all the episodes but the opening song to this one had me tracking down Angie Hart's new band of the time (Splendid) and fell in love with that whole album.

This episode marks the start of Willow's journey as a witch as she conveniently steps into the role of Miss Calendar by inheriting all her notes and files. And reveals that Principal Snyder is bad, as we suspected, and is in fact in with the bad guys. Not only that, but here we have the first foreshadowing if the Mayor also being on the side of, well, bad.

I have so much sympathy for Spike in this episode as Angelus constantly taunts him about being "Special Needs Guy" and keeps insinuating that he is sleeping with Drusilla and that Drusilla likes it. I find it a really interesting peek into that group's dynamics because it does look like Dru likes sleeping with Angelus, yet Spike clearly has a monogamous thing going for her from his perspective. It makes me wonder how icky things got back when they all used to hang out.

So for me, the awesome awesome awesome moment in this episode comes when Buffy and Aneglus relive the moment/tragedy of the killing because they get to go through their own love story using someone else's words and it's so heart-wrenching with the tenderness and the Buffy/Angel theme in the background. Also, Buffy gets to call Angelus a bitch, which is really funny. And then the scene moves from tender to hilarious when Angelus comes to and can't deal with the kissing and the love and has to go and have a long shower. He could have just as easily killed her where she was, especially as she is in a very vulnerable state. But he can't deal with love more than the wanting to kill her. It's really cool the themes that Joss Whedon is playing with here.

And the big Yay! as Spike is planning to fight back and betray Dru and Angelus - oooh! Dram-ah!

Rachel says:
This ep is very similar to "Out of sight, out of mind" with the music room and atmosphere and all.

But there are guns! Guns are bad.

Love is bad.

Angel is bad.

Any questions?

Oh come on, it's all about lurve and romance and the One True, um, One, what do you expect me to say?

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