Monday, January 5, 2009

BtVS: 2.20 Go Fish

Rachel says:
For a monster of the week episode Go Fish is really well put together. Although the costumes were never very convincing due to their design (bipedal water monsters? Huh?). I like the way there's the swimmy/water/sea theme through it all. Even the drug is administered in a moist, and yes, clothing-minimal, environment.

But the best part is Cordy's speech to the fish creature she thinks is Xander. The way her character grows in the last part of this season is great, and I think this is the first speech where she is entirely selfless. Gives us a peek at the woman she becomes in Angel.

Alisa says:
Poor Jonathan is the guy being picked on at the swim team post-meet party. Setting aside how funny it used to be able to spot "Random Guy" as we used to call him (always the same guy as random person), it must have really sucked to actually be Jonathan, considering his Sunnydale experience.

But this episode is pretty much all about the Xander in the Speedos right?

Am I wrong?

That, and stalling for what we know is coming ...

*girds loins for episodes 2.21 and 2.22*

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