Thursday, October 16, 2008

BtVS: 2.08 The Dark Age

Alisa says:

This episode features one of the most memorable Buffy Library scenes for me with her working out to blaring music whilst Giles' "ears bleed". Does she really have to keep up her fitness? And would step aerobics really do it for her? These are the probing questions that come to my mind.

I must admit to having very little interest in Ripper as a character and as a villain. So I'll just note the things *I* was watching during this episode. Is this the first time that we've seen the use of the cage in the library for keeping captives? And on that, *why* does the Sunnydale High School Library have a cage at all? Is it for locking up all the secret and naughty books? And also, I think this is the first episode that we see eyeflashing to depict possession! or evil! It became a bit of a spotter thing around me and my friends parts when mainlining a lot of Buffy in one go. (As did the Jonathan/Random Guy and Credit Shots - if you've noticed in my writeups so far)

Around now there was also a bit of a wardrobe trend of dressing Buffy in shoestring straps with visible bra strap. They had to put a stop to that when SMG started getting lots of letters from men in jail who "enjoyed" the show, shall we say? Yep, nothing but high class commentary from me, all day every day!

Rachel says:

Hmm, I think there was some eyeflashing way back in The Pack, but I never knew the bra strap thing. Kinda wish I didn't now.

But how awesome is Ethan in this episode? Remorseless in so many ways - spilling the beans on Giles' past, and giving a young girl a tattoo to save himself from a demon. I think he might be my favourite baddie.

The ending is a little deus ex machina with Angel running in - I mean, what does he care about Jenny? But I love it anyway.

Lots of tasty tidbits on Giles' past make this a bit more than a monster-of-the-week episode.

"I hope you're not taking this personally, Buffy, I actually kind of like you. It's just that I like myself a lot more."

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