Thursday, October 16, 2008

BtVS 2.07: Lie to Me

Alisa says (belatedly):

Your heart stinks of her...

There's some great comic moments in this episode coupled with some hints of the darkness that is to come.

Ours is a forbidden love

First I must squee about Ford - whee!! aka Max from Roswell but with new! shiny! earring! That makes him *evil* right? Can Jason Behr ever be anything but a holder of secrets?

Secondly - how 'bout the spooky, spooky opening sequence with Angel and Druscilla? We get the sense that Angel knows Dru just like we already know that Dru knows Spike. Things look like they're gonna get messy.

Ford: He looks older than her.
Xander: You're not wrong.
Ford: Woah! Cold Hands.
Xander: You're not wrong.

Xander laughs and then .. wait ... is that double meaning/subtext there, or is it just me? And can I say, when I watched these the first few times round, I never saw such naughtiness. Five years hanging round the places I hang on the 'net have totally ruined me for straight text, now. Yes, yes, pun intended!!!

So, in this episode, everyone is lying to everyone else. Why is it though, that all the live boys that Buffy gets involved with are such dodgy people? It just makes me root all the more for Angel really. And is this the first time Buffy says she loves Angel?

Giles: Buffy, you're not by any chance betraying your secret identity to impress cute guys are you?


I love the bit where Angel is walking through the crowd complaining that these people "know nothing about vampires, the way they look, how they dress" and someone wearing exactly what he is walks past. Love love love the comic timing!!

What about my reward?

I found the ending really interesting on this viewing. Buffy hands Ford over to Spike: we'll come back later for the body. Buffy doesn't kill people. After all, she's the good guy. The fact that she doesn't is the stark contrast between her and Faith. Yet, by end of this episode Buffy's white hat status is just that little bit less white.

Nothing is simple any more.

Lie to me.


Rachel Holkner said...

Ooh, I like that Buffy's hat is getting dirty. Perhaps we can track her "grey area" deeds and see if we can get it entirely black by the end of S7.

girliejones said...

Well it was certainly something new I noticed this time round because that scene contrats well with Faith's first indescretion with the guy who accidentally walks down the wrong alleyway.

I guess what also pique my interest is, Buffy still manages to have some kind of personal creed whereas Faith suddenly finds herself in a world without rules and ... loses all sense of morality ... at least for a little while. Maybe one of the other themes in this verse is that of redemption?